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Privacy Policy


Theplayersagent.com (hereinafter referred to as "TPA") is a platform where intermediaries and job seeking football players promote themselves and communicate with each other with the object to place football players or to be placed with football clubs.


  1. TPA do not share data with 3rd parties except as far as is necessary for billing or required by law.

  2. In general all users can delete data/accounts except for:

  3. public data of football players such as name, date of birth and clubs and matches and match events;

  4. internal mandate data that involve other users

  5. internal billing data.

  6. TPA pursues that every user is a verified natural person. In this process TPA requests users to upload a copy of their id but aslo urges them to censor (hide) their id number and unique personal code.

  7. A players public data is not owned by any user.

  8. A player who deletes his user account does not delete his public player data.

  9. The web administrator moderates data and content and bans users as he deems fit.

No sharing of data with third parties

As laid down herunder it is important that our users are identifiable natural persons and that we collect information to ensure this however we do not share information with other parties except for information required by our billing party Braintreepayments.com or if an official government body requires us to do so such as for instance the tax office

Required data

The platform needs at minimum a users verified:
- email address, and
- full name name.

Email address

A users email address is the core of a user's details. It ensures communication with the user and functions as the key identifier. It is very important that a user keep the email addres intact.

After a loss of control over an email address a user can only identify himself via a censored copy of an identity document.

Full name: Identifiable natural persons only

Unfortunately it is very common in the football market that actors fall victim to fraud. Persons are not who they pretend to be and job seekers are lured into paying advance sums for fake or ridiculous trials.

TPA refuses to be a platform to fraudsters and scammers and therefore deems it important that only verified identifiable natural persons register and use the platform. That implies that registration and use of your account has to be:
- under the first name and last as in the users identity document.(passport for instance). First names are given names and last name are family names also know as surnames;
- without pseudonym/alias, and
- with date of birth.

Verification via censored copy of an identity document:

The provided information has to be accurate. In order to verify that such information is accurate the user is asked to upload a copy of his identity document. Accepted identity documents are passports, identity cards or driving licenses.

CENSOR information. We do not need to see your identity document number or unique personal code. Click here to see a copy of a censored id sample.

Visible have to be:
- expiry date;
- the photo;
- full name; and
- date of birth

Here-under is explained what data we collect and how it can be deleted provided that TPA is not required by Bulgarian Law to keep the records.

Billing info

A paying member provides information required to issue an invoice such as:
- name or company name
- address
- vat number if applicable,

Not required data

There is a lot of data a user might voluntary enter and publish. For instance contact details, posts, contract details etc. Most of it can be detsroyed and undone but some published data will remain public because it is part of a players profile in the public domain and some data will remain visible to another user because it has been shared with that user such as for instance a message sent or a mandate issued or applied for.

Contact details

It is totally up to the user to publish contact details such as:
- address, city, postal code;
- telephone number, viber, whats or fax number;
- skype, telegram, or other messenger details.

Work experience & Education

A user can edit and delete this info as he sees fit. If the web administrator is of the opinion the content is not in line with the websites terms or guidelines he may delete the content at his sole discretion.

A user decides via the Privacy Settings in his profile which data his wishes to share with the public, or selected group of users who are also users of TPA.

Posting these contact details in other parts of the website such as the ad section, wall, events, comments etc is prohibited. The contact details must remain part of the profile settings and be hidden and displayed with one mouse click only.

Contract details

The TPA system allows a user to enter different types of contract:
- the player club contract;
- the representation contract, and
- the mandate contract.

The purpose of sharing parts of these contract is that the user wishes yo inform the world or other users that these contract exist or will expire.

The goal is for instance:
- to inform the world that a user is the agent of a certain player and protect himself, or
- to tell the world and other users that a players contract with a club will expire soon and that the player will be available for a new job.

Key is not to provide false information but only true and accurate information.

Player club contracts

Users can enter start and end dates of contracts between players and clubs. The end dates can be adjusted by users.

The goal is to share with the public the end date of a contract so that it is obvious to actors on the job market that a player will be available for a new job soon.

Representation contracts

An agent often want to tell the world 'I have a contract with this player'. He wants this to be public in order to protect himself.

The goal is:
- to ensure that all actors in the football market know which intermediary has a contract to represent represents which player, and
- the eliminate third parties who try to impose themselves in a deal and do not have a contract with a player.
Only agents can enter representation contracts. This is done via the 'Add Player' functionality.

The end date of a contract can be adjusted and if that date is in the past it will not be visible to other users or the public anymore. Thus after the end date of a contract the data will only be visible to the agent as part of his own private contract management administration. It will be in our database but not visible to the public or other users.

Mandate system

Data entered by users when they request or issue mandates are only visible to the corresponding user. They are no visible to other users or the public.

Since a concluded mandate is a contract between two users a user can not unilateral delete the data.

Posts, comments, ads and events

Posts, comments can be added and deleted by users.

Ads and events can be created and edited and deleted by users.

Players public data

A professional football players' name, birthday and career history are public facts. TPA collects and publishes public data such as:
- name and birthday of a player;
- player characteristics, height, position, skills ;
- the clubs a player was registered with;
- matches played, goals scored, and
- other match or club registration related data that are commonly considered to be public info.

When a user with a player profile deletes his account the player's public data will remain untouched.

On request of a player we will delete his player profile (matches, matchs events etc) on TPA. This is part of 'the right to be forgotten'. A proper identification as also applicable in the 'forget me procedure' (see The right to be forgotten here under) will be required if such a request is made.

The right to know what data we have.

Any user can ask to be informed about the data that we have on him. Please make such a request via the email address that you have used to register with TPA.

In general a user can see in the user's own profile what we have stored in our database. Via 'edit profile' kind of all info is visible. The following info is not visible via 'edit profile':
- the timestamp of the last login
- the timestamp of your first registration
- the preferred profile entered at first registration and
- the names and birthday entered at first registration.

The right to be forgotten

First of all please remember that the user can delete the user's account.

What can be forgotten and who make such a request.

What can be forgotten

On request of a user we will erase his personal data iprovided that:
- the data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were processed,
- the request is done by a person who is verified.

Read the info above regarding data that os needed for billing info and that will have to remain intact in order to complay with the applicable laws and regulations.

Who can make a forgotten request

A persons who wishes to be forgotten can contact as described under Contact herunder and submit a request to be forgotten.

When a request is made via the email address that was used for the registration of the user all data that can be 'forgotten' will be forgotten that are link. One can not ask that another person is forgotten.

In the event a user has no control over the original email address anymore the user will have to proof that he is the persons he claims to be. The user will have to proof that he is who he claims to be.

Please avoid all this trouble and make sure your email address remains intact.


We use cookies on TPA and other technologies to recognize you and uniquely identify your browser. Without a cookie a browser would loose for instance the info that you are logged in the moment that you leave the login page. By continuing to use TPA, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Your browser settings allow you to delete cookies. Click here to see for instance how they can be deleted from Firefox : https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/delete-cookies-remove-info-websites-stored.

Delete account

An account is normally ended:
- by a user, or
- by TPA when is user is banned.

With a mouse click a user can delete his account. Your profile will not longer be visible and you will no longer be able to login. The billing data, your email address and full name will be used for accounting purpose.

Moderation and Banned users

The web administrator will delete to his sole discretion any data or content published by a user. If the web administrator deems that users behavior is unacceptable he may ban the user.

Banned users are no longer visible and but we store their email address and in order to be able to prevent them from registering again.

Internal use of data after billing

After a users has paid for a membership the users Billing data is stored in order to comply with the (accounting) laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. Credit card fraud is unfortunately common and for that reason we also store the users full name and email address for comparison to the billing data. This is pure for internal use in case of fraud complaints.


Any user who has suggestions or question can contact the site owners via email: webmaster@theplayersagent.com.

TPA is operated by Tau Multimedia ood, a Bulgarian-based corporation with an office in Varna, Nikola Kunev 32, 9000 Bulgaria.