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Edit article Moldavian Winter Transfers Outcome 2014-2015

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    Shortly before the start of the 2015 summer transfer season Evgenii Draganov reflects on the last winter transfer season in his home country Moldava.

    The winter transfer season 2015 can't be considered like one of the best in Moldavian football. At the beginning of the championship there were 11 clubs but in the middle of the season FC Costuleni and Verisdecided to stop their participation in the National Division. That decision was followed by a big scandal in our football market. A rumour was spread that a specific party had a special interest in the fact that some clubs gained and others lost points after the previous mentioned clubs stepped out of the competition.  This all happened before the winter transfer window in Moldova which was full of transfers. Due to the financial situation only 4 clubs were preparing to the second part of the season in Turkey: Sheriff, FC Tiraspol, Milsami and Dacia. 5 other clubs decided to stay inside Moldova where the cold weather in the winter is not so appropriate for high-quality training.

    Sheriff Tiraspol

    The biggest Moldovian club wasn't very active this window, unlike in last summer season when Sheriff signed up 11 new players. This winter the Moldavian champion signed up 5 players: Bosnia defender Mateo Susic (arrived from Romanian club, CFR Cluj), Amer Dupovac (FK Sarajevo, Bosnia), Spanish midfielder Aitor Monroy (CFR Cluj, Romania), the striker of national team of Moldova under-21  Eugeniu Rebenja (FC Tiraspol, Moldova) and Moldavian defender Maxim Potirniche (Zimbru Chisinau, Moldova).

    At the same time some players left Sheriff Tiraspol. After 6 month Brazilian defender Ligger returned to Oeste and  Colombian Elkin Blanco moved to FC Millonarios.  The Dutch striker Fred Benson was transferred to Romanian club Rapid Bucuresti and the  Bulgarian goalkeeper Georgi Gerogiev was loaned for 6 months to the Iranian side Naft Masjed Soleyman. Another keeper Dumitru Stajila was loaned to the Albanian team FK Kukesi. Midfielder of national team of Moldova Sergiu Gheorghiev was loaned to the Uzbek club Metalurg Bekabad. Brazilian striker Klisman Henrique and Croatian midfielder Petar Lela broke their contracts and left Tiraspol.

    FC Tiraspol

    Another club from Transnistria, FC Tiraspol, changed its head coach this summer. Vlad Goian was replaced with Lilian Popescu, who managed before Veris Chisinau.

    About transfers. First of all this club had a lot of players on trial and in the end signed 8 players: goalkeepers Alexei Coselev (Saxan Ceadir Lunga, Moldova) and Oleksandr Ilyushchenkov (Karpaty Lvov, Ukraine),  defenders Sergiu Mocanu (Veris Chisinau, Moldova) and Vadim Bolohan (Karpaty Lvov, Ukraine), midfielders Mihajlo Cakic (OFK Beograd, Serbia), Denis Calincov (Veris Chisinau, Moldova), Artiom Puntus (was loaned from Sheriff Tiraspol, Moldova) and striker Serghei Alexeev (Zimbru Chisinau, Moldova).

    FC Tiraspol stopped the collaboration with 6 players: goalkeeper Maxim Copelciuc (without club at the moment) defenders Artyom Khachaturov, Anatolie Boestean (both were transferred to Zimbru Chisinau, Moldova), Bogdan Hausi (FC Bukhara, Uzbekistan), Evgen Smirnov (returned to Ukrainian club Chornomorets Odessa after 6 month of loan) and striker Eugeniu Rebenja (Sheriff loaned him until 30 of June 2015).

    Dacia Chisinau

    This winter was very interesting for Dacia Chisinau. In January Oleg Kubarev was appointed in the post of the coach. More than one year he trained one of the biggest rivals of Dacia - Zimbru Chisinau. After 2 months the Belorussian was sacked because Dacia lost their first game in the second part of the season. People who know Dacia can understand this resign. The president of the club is Russian businessman Adlan Shishkhanov, who was born in Grozny, which is capital of Chechen Republic. He is an impulsive person and usually makes radical steps. At this moment Shishkhanov is an unofficial head coach of Dacia and manages all things.

    This winters transfers include goalkeeper Artiom Gaiduchevici (Veris Chisinau, Moldova), defender Maxim Cojocari (Veris Chisinau, Moldova), midfielders Sergiy Zagynaylov (Metalist Kharkiv II, Ukraine) and Ruslan Shauvkhalov (signed first professional contract), strikers Viorel Frunza (Veris Chisinau, Moldova), Jaba Dvali (Dinamo Tbilisi, Georgia) and David Siradze (Sioni Bolnisi, Georgia).

    Dacia decided to loan 5 their players to another Moldavian team Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol: defender Jude Ogada, midfieders Ibrahima Camara, Alphonse Soppo, and strikers Dumitru Popescu and Ghenadie Ordu.

    Milsami Orhei

    Milsami did not change their squad a lot. The club from Orhei tried to be more stable and they have the objective to win the championship this year.

    The following players signed with Milsami this winter: defenders: Iulian Erhan (Zimbru Chisinau, Moldova) and Petru Racu (Veris Chisinau, Moldova), midfielder Alexandru Suvorov (Mordovia Saransk, Russia) and striker Alexandru Railean (Sfantul Gheorghe Suruceni, Moldova). 

    Romanian defender Octavian Abrudan was the only player who left Milsami this winter. Now he is a player for Gaz Metan Medias from Romania. 

    Zimbru Chisinau

    Unfortunately the club with a big history doesn't have a good financing. Due to these problems the most important players decided to leave Zimbru in the summer. Under such conditions it is very difficult to qualify to the European cup or win the titles. Zimbru practically changed the team completely. A lot of young players are now in the first team.  

    The following players signed with Zimbru this winter: defenders Anatolie Boestean and Artyom Khachaturov (both arrived from FC Tiraspol, Moldova), Constantin Bogdan (was loaned until summer from Enisey Krasnoyarsk, Russia), Andrei Verbetchi (Banga, Lituania), midfielders Vladimir Rassulov (without club), Valentin Furdui (Kaisar Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan), Alexandru Onica (Neftchi Fergana, Uzbekistan), Daniel Pisla (Veris Chisinau, Moldova), Gheorghe Nicologlo (Saxan Ceadir Lunga, Moldova) and striker Andrei Bugneac (Veris Chisinau, Moldova). 

    The following players left Zimbru this winter: Kiril Pavlyuchek (FK Gorodeya, Belarus), Iulian Erhan (Milsami Orhei, Moldova), Maxim Potirniche (Sheriff Tiraspol, Moldova) midfielders Dmitri Klimovich (Granit Mikashevichi, Belarus), Alexandru Pascenco (Naft Masjed Soleyman, Iran), Mihail Platica (FK Rostov, Russia), Aleksejs Visnakovs (Skonto Riga, Latvia), Dan Spataru (was loaned until 31 of May to Astra Giurgiu, Romania), Anatol Cheptine (Academia Chisinau, Moldova), Corneliu Pavalachi (Zarea Balti, Moldova) and striker Serghei Alexeev (FC Tiraspol).

    Saxan Ceadir Lunga

    Saxan is a newly promoted team to the Moldavian Division. Saxan doesn't have a big budget, but there are a lot of African players in the squad which were brought by well-known agent Dmitry Selyuk. It is said that Selyuk pays the salaries of these players. Recently head coach Vladimir Lyutiy left Saxan. In an interview he declared that he made this step because of the bad results. At the same time, people gossip that the club has financial problems.

    The winter was hot for Saxan. The club from Ceadir Lunga had a lot of changes.

    The following players signed with Saxan this winter: goalkeeper Andrei Stinca (FK Siauliai, Lithuania), defender Ion Arabadji (without club), midfielders Valeri Zgibarta (Vityaz Podolsk II, Russia), Victor Truhanov (FC Costuleni, Moldova) and striker Mohamed Kone (GS Ergotelis, Greece).

    The following players left Saxan this winter: goalkeeper Alexei Coselev (FC Tiraspol), defenders Vadim Cravcescu (FC Bukhara, Uzbekistan), midfielders Sani Kaita (unknown), Kouassi Kouadio, Senin Sebai (both were transfered to Astra Giurgiu, Romania), Gheorghe Nicologlo (Zimbru Chisinau, Moldova) and Mihail Paseciniuc (Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol, Moldova). 

    FC Academia Chisinau

    Lately FC Academia has problems with money. Last years this club prepared for the season in Turkey, but now they train only in Moldova. This team was the latest from National Division, who started its preparation for the second part of the season. Players gathered about one month before the first game. Some years ago Academia made good money on transfers of the players. At this moment they change the squad every half of the year. Usually Academia transfers players, who remained without club. This winter it's happened again.

    The following players signed with FC Academia this winter: defenders Ion Sandu (Lokomotiv Kosice, Slovakia) and Oleg Clonin (Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt, Romania), midfielders Valeriu Tiron (FC Botosani, Romania),  Vasile Caraus (Veris Chisinau, Moldova), Anatol Cheptine (Zimbru Chisinau, Moldova), Vasile Soltan, Petru Hvorosteanov, Andrei Ciofu (all - FC Costuleni, Moldova), strikers Nicolae Milinceanu (Rapid Bucuresti, Romania), Ion Ursu (Veris Chisinau, Moldova) and Veaceslav Sofroni (FC Costuleni, Moldova).

    The following players left FC Academia this winter: goalkeeper Nicolae Cebotari (Uniao Leiria, Portugal), defenders Maxim Focsa (Dinamo Auto-Tiraspol, Moldova) and Alexandru Leu (Spicul Chiscareni, Moldova), midfielder Mihai Apostol (Uniao Leiria, Portugal) and striker Mihai Turcan (unknown). 

    Zarea Balti 

    This team has many very young home gown players and only a few good as well as experienced players. Zarea doesn't have a good financial base but they are stable. The club didn't make big transfers during the last transfer window. Head coach Nicolae Bunea left Zarea and Serghei Dubrovin occupied his position.

    The following players signed with Zarea this winter:  : goalkeeper Dumitru Oleinic (CF Gagauzia Comrat, Moldova), defender Nicolai Orlovschi (without club), midfielder Corneliu Pavalachi (Zimbru Chisinau, Moldova) and striker Ivan Carandasov (FC Costuleni, Moldova).

    The following players left Zarea this winter: midfielder Davit Kokhia (Vojvodina Novi Sad, Serbia).

    Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol

    Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol lost a lot of matches at the start of the season. The club realized it needed some important transfers in winter to become stronger. If we look at the table this is the weakest team in Moldova. Dinamo-Auto loaned a lot of players from Dacia Chisinau. Dinamo-Auto is a small team like Academia, Zarea, Saxan. 

    The following players signed with Dinamo-Auto this winter:  : goalkeeper Alexandr Zveagintev (without club),  defenders Denis Ilescu (without club), Alexandr Scricenco (FC Costuleni, Moldova), Jude Ogada (Dacia Chisinau, Moldova), Maxim Focsa (FC Academia, Moldova), midfielders Ibrahima Camara, Alphonse Soppo (both - Dacia Chisinau, Moldova), Mihail Paseciniuc (Saxan Ceadir Lunga, Moldova), Alexandru Tofan (without club), Stanislav Sinicovschi (Sheriff academy, Moldova) strikers Ghenadie Orbu Jude Ogada, Dumitru Popescu (both - Dacia Chisinau, Moldova) and Vadim Cemirtan (Veris Chisinau, Moldova).

    The following players left Dinamo-Auto this winter: Eugen Ciobanu, Alexandru Arabadji, Serghei Iarovoi, Alexandru Mironet (all - unknown),  Dumitru Bivol, Roman Grancear, Cornel Schiopu and Petru Postoronca (all returned to Dacia-2 Buiucani).

    As a conclusion it needs to be mentioned that Moldavian teams did not realize big transfers this winter. Usually clubs work more active in the summer between seasons. It's the same situation as everywhere.

    This summer our big clubs, who pretend to play in European cups (Sheriff, Dacia, Milsami and FC Tiraspol), will be in need of good players and will be ready to spend money for them.

    The details about financial conditions of teams you can find in the previous article “Introduction to Moldavian Football”

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