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Barcelona falling back into bad habits? Gremio crying crocodile tears?

‘Barca’ reported before the weekend that FC Barcelona might be making an old mistake. According to Marca, Manu an 11 year old Brazilian player has been invited on trial and has apparently not returned to Brazil. Gremio the club with whom Manu is registered in Brazil appears not to be happy and is reported to plan filing a complaint with the FIFA. Barcelona might have some explaining to do but in the meantime an 11 year old (amateur) player can do as he wishes, he (or she) has no obligation to train or to play matches for the club with whom he is registered nor does a FIFA rule stipulate that an amateur player needs permission to visit an another club for training or trial. Why a club like Barca and many others like them keep inviting minor players who are not officially eligible for a transfer is a different question just as the question why many clubs consider young talents as ‘property’ who need ‘permission’ to go on trial.

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