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Welcome to TPA - A professional community for licensed agents

At last! A platform where ONLY licensed agents can exchange information in total confidence and with discretion.

As a licensed agent you are only too aware of the issues and problems that are caused by the lack of, and in some cases the wrong, information being provided.

You want to know who is the actual agent? Can he issue a mandate? Is the player free or not?

TPA has been created by professionals for professionals and its aim is to provide an online environment where reliable information can be entered and found regarding, players representation, expiration dates of employment contracts between players and clubs.

Licensed agents can post players looking for club advertisements and a club looking for player advertisements..

Discretion and trust is important and vital data, for instance a club name, will not be listed online.

You can manage players agent contracts in the ´contract system´ and keep track of the expiration dates. Use the mandate system to request and issue mandates without mistakenly issuing double mandates.

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Field position Age Loan Competition
Goalkeeper - Possible Bundesliga, Austria
Central defensive midfielder - No Football League, Greece
Central defensive midfielder - No Super League, Greece
Left midfielder - Possible Serie A, Italy

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Umberto Catarraso Umberto Catarraso Umberto Catarraso 2 days ago • Link to this post
  • Umberto Catarraso Umberto Catarraso
    U. Catarraso
    He was in Brazil with the Honduras national team

    2 days ago

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Matthijs Lambregts Matthijs Lambregts Matthijs Lambregts
Spieren voor Spieren

The Dutch newspapers report today that Mnachester United and their new coach Van Gaal will donate 1.5 million Euro to the Spieren voor Spieren Foundation ( http://www.spierenvoorspieren.nl/ ) which is a foundation that funds muscle diseases research. The rumor is that both will donate 750.000 Euro. Apparently that is the sum that Van Gaal doesn't have to pay an agent because he negotiated his contract with M.U. without one :-) Money well spent!

10 days ago • Link to this post
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